The Yinon Plan hides behind the ISIS-Hoax, part I








1982 Published the Zionist world organization (World Dreyfus Affair organization, the WZO) an essay of the Israeli Oded Yinon Bentor, the content has the plan to Israel to make a regional imperial power[1]. Should be achieved by the Yinon-Plan by the surrounding state Arab world was fragmented. To quote the Yinon-Plan : „From the Arab world must be a mosaic ethnic and religious groups. They are weak by the fragmentation and can  be manipulated more easily.And,naturally as a regional Superior Power,Israel has to rebuild it´s geopolitical predominance,just as mentioned in Yinon Plan,to balkanize the Arab States.


The Concepts of „Greater Israel“(Eretz-Yisrael Hashlemah)in the sense of Founderfather Theodore Herzl,intends a Jewish State,that covers up „from the Nile to the Euphrates“.[2]“Greater Israel covers up the present Israel,the palestinian Territories,Lebanon,Syria(!),Jordan,Iraq(!),Kuweit(!),Saudi Arabia,the United Arab Emirates,Oman, the greater Part of Turkey and everything that lies eastern to the Nile.“[3]

On 9th of July 1947 Rabbi Fisherman of the „Jewish Agency for Palestine“ declared to the Special Komitee of the United Nations:“The promised Land extends from the Waters of Egypt on to the Euphrates and contents parts of Syria and the Lebanon“[4]


After the so-called Six-Days-War of 1967 nobody never ever wanted to move away, from the biblical instructions, to create the Eretz-Yisrael.The students-qoute of June 1967 only reinforced to the national Speech-Choir in November:Israel has to be enlarged and the War-Status has to be leaved on….A new Slogan from Jerusalem was roaming around in the Land of Victory:The call for „Greater Israel“. …From that on even the Prime Minister ,who until then was out for balance,spoke of that.On Oktober the 30. 1967 Eschkol stated in the Knesseth,the israeli Parliament(as you might know):“It´s clear that now after the Six-Days-War,the status of before the 5th of June,cannot be restored.“[5]

In front of this jewish-Conspiracing historical Background,you might understand these Video-Messages and Images of the crimes of ISIS, in Iraq,a little better. We are beeing overflooded by these graphic Images, which show us sunni ISIS-Fighters in islamic Clothings.The Social-Media-Networks,like YouTube are full of them.

But to the Viewers it´s not known,which Plan is beeing realized with help of this killing Hordes. Nobody knows that the over and over mentioned inhuman Plan of  ISIS-Fighters is to destroy the Iraqi-State, to establish a sunni-islamiq Kaliphat, has a total different Background.The new Kaliphat should expand from Syria up until the western sunni Heartland of the Iraqi province Anbar.Through the using of the Seal of Muhammad as a State-coat of-arms(SAW)on the Flag of Isis and the Insignias it´s beeing clearified that the ISIS-Organization is a sunni Fighter-Alliance.

The fast march forwards of ISIS to Baghdad,and the even faster taking of Mossul,Tikrit,the Oil-Refinery Plant of Baijil and even the taking of Fallujah and Ramadi in the province Anbar, not least the occupation of Bordercrossings to Syria and Jordan,are beeing presented to us by political Analysts, as „Civil-Wars“ of sectarian Groups.Sunni Arabs against shiite Arabs.In addition to this the different ethnical Kurds, which under an American patronage were to enjoy a semi Independence,shortly are about to divide from Baghdad and announce the total Independence.

Through the goggles of the powerful Mainstream Medias,the World looks shocked and scared on the actual „Blitzkrieg“ of the ISIS Fighters in Iraq.They fight with the Battlecall:“We´re establishing an „Islamic-State“ in Iraq&Syria.Also called Islamic-State Iraq&al-Sham“so called (Levante).The Spectacle that unfolds before the Eyes of the World,it shows Iraq divided into 3 parts. Divided into a sunni,a shiite Republic and a Republic Kurdistan.

to be continued,soon…


End of Part I



This is for the ‚People who are curious and who are searching for the hidden Truth behind the „Set-up-truth“(or :Who choose the red Pill instead of the blue one).And don´t forget,the more somebody try to convince you about something and wants you to accept something that is so-called:Obviousness,he is lying to you and is trying to implement a Agenda he is a slave to… .I know that it´s easier to swim with the stream but that one just leads into a waterfall. If you want to save your soul,swim against it,swim the hell against it! Don´t forget: The true way is always the hard one,but IT IS worth to walk it.

If you are a defiant and a smart truth-seeker,may you and your family be blessed and stay curious.


The 1magyarember(Árpád István)

Source:National Journal,Translation is done all by myself.

1) Can be found in the „Yinon-Plan“side 107

2) The diaries of Theodore Herzl, Side 711


4)The Zionist Plan for the Middle East. Translated and edited by Israel Shahak from Oded Yinon’s „A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”. Published by the Association of Arab-American University Graduates, Inc. Belmont, Massachusetts, 1982 Special Document No. 1 (ISBN 0-937694-56-8)

5)Der Spiegel Nr. 48/1967, S. 127



Über 1magyarember fehér hunmagyar(Árpád, István)

Hazádnak rendületlenûl Légy híve, oh magyar; Bölcsõd az s majdan sírod is, mely ápol s eltakar.Ich bin magyarisch-germanischer Hunne, Geboren in Ungarn,einen Teil der Kindheit dort verbracht, ich kam in der Zeit des Kommunismus nach Deutschland,auch aus politischen Gründen,da ich deutsche ebenso wie ungarische Wurzeln habe(die Großeltern waren deutsche(Thüringen) Sieldler in Ungarn, da lag es am nächsten nach Deutschland(die 2. Heimat) zu kommen ,als von den Kommies verfolgte deutschstämmige wurden wir zu politischen Flüchtlingen da mein Opa Soldat im 2.WK gegen die jüdischen Bolshevisten war. Ich bin begeisterter Karpfenangler und mein Beruf ist Fahrradmechaniker, ich bin politisch interessiert und lasse mich nicht gerne von Leuten wie George Soros(aka Swarc György)und seinen Schergen verarschen.Ich habe eine,nein sogar 2 nationale Identitäten:Die ungarische sowie die deutsche.Da können die die Antifa Chaoten so oft,Fuck your national Identity grölen,wie sie wollen.Damit erreichen sie bei mir höchstens das Gegenteil.
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