The History of the Magyars(Hungarians),a Brothernation of the Huns,the Scythians,The Awars and even the Sumerians


The Hungarians have a saying that their history was written by their enemies. This is justified given that the official version of Hungarian history which is still being propagated today is in fact the product of centuries of foreign rule during which the occupying powers and their puppet regimes took care to fabricate a „Hungarian history“ which suited their objectives: to present a distorted and unfavourable image of the Hungarians, in order to weaken their national identity and self-consciousness. Our website does not endorse this politically and ideologically biased „official version“ of Hungarian history, as we seek to present a more objective picture of the historical facts.

The origins of the Hungarians can be traced back to Ancient Mesopotamia through the Sumerian-Scythian-Hun-Avar-Magyar ethno-linguistic continuity, which, together with the evidence of the archeological artifacts of Sumerian origin found in the Carpathian Basin, indicates that the ancestors of the Hungarians were the first permanent settlers of the Carpathian Basin.

And not forget to mention here the Name of Homo Sapiens Hungaricus,which shows us that the Carpathian Bassin had been inhabited ever since the Ice Age.In addition to this,Paleogenetics have found that Middle-Europe was resettled by Farmers and Cattlers from the Carpathian Bassin 7500 Years ago! Links down below

Within the Carpathian Basin as well as in their other homelands to the East, the preservation of Hungarian independence and culture was a constant struggle against foreign powers and foreign influences which sought to impose themselves upon the Hungarians: over the ages, foreign religions, cultures, languages, political regimes and rulers have been forced upon the Hungarians. In Hungary, the original ancient Hungarian culture, religion and language have been persecuted and suppressed since the forced Christianization of the country which began around 1000 AD.


Since then, Hungary suffered numerous foreign invasions which resulted in the widespread decimation of the Hungarian population and in the partition and dismemberment of Hungary’s territory. Foreign occupation and rule brought foreign colonization and exploitation. The Hungarians became a minority and second-class citizens in their own country as the key positions in the state administration, the churches, industry, commerce, finance, media, arts, education and other professions were dominated by foreigners due to the anti-Hungarian policies of the foreign rulers and regimes.

In the past, the Hungarians have repeatedly attempted to liberate themselves from foreign oppression, but the struggle to reassert Hungarian national interests and cultural identity against foreign political, economic and cultural imperialism and colonialism continues to this day. The apparent end of communism in 1990 did not bring the promised and expected national renewal in Hungary. The injustices of the past were not redressed. The former communists and their collaborators are still in power and still serving foreign interests. Millions of Hungarians are still forced to live under oppressive foreign regimes in the territories lost by Hungary after the two World Wars.

After decades of anti-Hungarian policies under various types of dictatorships and under the current post-communist regimes, the Hungarians must face threats to their very existence, identity and self-consciousness as a nation, in Hungary as well as in the neighbouring states. Hungarian culture is threatened with extinction in its native land as a result of the policy of cultural genocide (ethnocide) and ethnic cleansing pursued by the neighbouring states against the indigenous Hungarian populations inhabiting the territories which these states have severed from Hungary. Hungarian national independence and culture are also threatened by corporate globalization and its promoting egotistical and materialistic liberal consumer society ideology which erodes traditional cultural and moral values.



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Thanx for visiting my Blog&in particular this Post of mine,this is the stuff that can show you why the Hungarian are such a proud Nation,because there´s a lot of stuff to be proud of…😏😊😉

Did you know that the Arpads were direct descendants from King Nimródt(Menrot),a Babilonian King&legendary Hunter,Father of Hunor&Magor.The legendary founders of the Hun-Magyars.

Attila the King of Huns was also of the House of Arpads,&son of Bendegúz.

Torda, Bendegúz, Attila, Csaba Ed, Ügyek, Előd, Álmos,Árpád


Best regards

Árpád István


Über 1magyarember fehér hunmagyar(Árpád, István)

Hazádnak rendületlenûl Légy híve, oh magyar; Bölcsõd az s majdan sírod is, mely ápol s eltakar.Ich bin magyarisch-germanischer Hunne, Geboren in Ungarn,einen Teil der Kindheit dort verbracht, ich kam in der Zeit des Kommunismus nach Deutschland,auch aus politischen Gründen,da ich deutsche ebenso wie ungarische Wurzeln habe(die Großeltern waren deutsche(Thüringen) Sieldler in Ungarn, da lag es am nächsten nach Deutschland(die 2. Heimat) zu kommen ,als von den Kommies verfolgte deutschstämmige wurden wir zu politischen Flüchtlingen da mein Opa Soldat im 2.WK gegen die jüdischen Bolshevisten war. Ich bin begeisterter Karpfenangler und mein Beruf ist Fahrradmechaniker, ich bin politisch interessiert und lasse mich nicht gerne von Leuten wie George Soros(aka Swarc György)und seinen Schergen verarschen.Ich habe eine,nein sogar 2 nationale Identitäten:Die ungarische sowie die deutsche.Da können die die Antifa Chaoten so oft,Fuck your national Identity grölen,wie sie wollen.Damit erreichen sie bei mir höchstens das Gegenteil.
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